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deviation in storage by lurazeda


SDR-5V-Spider by Norsehound

Got a chance to play Battletech for real recently and noticed how bland and uninteresting the intro kit mechs are. So, why not fix them?

A 30 ton strike mech with two medium lasers and absurd (8) number of jump jets. Heat sink in the head. This version, when running, walks with the extended "toe" and folds up the feet. When walking at slower speeds the claws deploy to keep the mech balanced.

Scopuli by Norsehound
Here it is, the ship that started everything.

There isn't much description for the Scopuli except that it was a courier. I had this layout in my head when imagining the craft and I recalled it was anchored to CA-2216862, until I re-read the passage to say it was grounded. Ah well.

Foreground is the shuttle Knight and their landing ship egg. Knight and scopuli are at different distances from the "camera", so they are not to scale.
Rocinante by Norsehound
It's been far too long since I drew anything in Photoshop.

Ex-Tachi. This is the ride of Jim Holden and his crew across the Scifi novel series of The Expanse. Formerly a martian torpedo boat attached to the Martian cruiser Donnager. Primary armament is missiles, but it does carry some point defenses.

This is how I saw her more or less when I was reading Leviathan's wake. It's a good book, but I really don't like the body horror that crops up in the book.

Maybe I'll finish and color it someday. Made some tweaks to the line art.
It's been a while since I've written, so I guess it's time for an update.

A few people have written to me asking for commissions work but the simple matter of it is, it isn't enough to sustain a living with, so I've discontinued doing commissions presently. I don't have the effort or the interest to pursue these transitory things when I really need something stable.

My last two jobs within the gaming industry were wonderful, desirable jobs that made me feel like I was moving forward with my career but they ended all-too soon.  Because of how jarring these losses were I don't think I can do a contractor's career. I want stability when it comes to holding a job and with this economy, in an art field, that just isn't possible. At least, not when I've tried to get one with my background of less than a year's worth of production design I guess.

At the moment I've returned to school to take instruction in Programming and hopefully go through a new open door. It may lead me back into the gaming industry but at least it means (hopefully) that I can have something stable and keep art as a hobby until another door opens up to let me in to pursue my passions. This also means taking a retail job to sustain me and my increasing health insurance payments while I try to learn a new trade.

It's not the most ideal turn of events, but I keep looking at my bank account decrease and job applications fly from my mailbox with no reply. Something needs to be done.

Thank you all for watching. I don't mean to say I'll discontinue my art efforts here, just that barring some kind of permanent job offer I don't think I'll be really responsive to requests for commissions.


A post-script. I've had requests in the past to license my Axel designs... in particular the KR-14 series. As a rule I must deny these requests. The Axels are native to the universe I made them for... I can't just break off the designs and hand them away. That would make them alien to the universe they were created for should I press on with them for other things.

It would be a thing to ask me to design machines similar to the Axels, which I have done, but the Axel series is not a gallery to loan out individual machines from. It is a showcase of what I like to do best; and that's draw robots.

Thank you.
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Michael Ptak
United States
Current Residence: space.
Favourite genre of music: Electronic, Techno, Industrial, Ambient, Rock, world (Middle East)
Favourite style of art: Origional artwork
Operating System: Life
MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Shell of choice: 46cm (18in)
Skin of choice: KR-14-P7 Axel
Favourite cartoon character: Misa Hayase, Yang Wen-Li, Reinhard von Loengramm
Personal Quote: "If growing up means surrendering your imagination, then I never want to be an adult."

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Cr1zza Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Been a fan back from the relic board. Keep it up.
ManganMan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student Photographer
You got my watch m8 :)
Anarchitek Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, you just draw the bests mechs i've ever seen! Don't stop!!
gamios Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
A late thanks for the fav ! :)
machmigo Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave!  :D
Norsehound Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
You're welcome!
Skyneerh Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there. I just got finished posting on your 'Somtaaw Escort Carrier', which is very nice if you ask me, but it was regarding an issue that I doubt you'd read there, so I'll just post a shortened version here, no less polite.

I'm speaking for myself yet on defense of the Terran Star Empire, a group made by user StarUnion on the online multiplayer building game ROBLOX. Your carrier closely resembles that of the carrier of the same name, made by StarUnion. The ship used in size-comparison(I'll assume) also resembles that of an older battlecruiser made by the same person.

Now, I know you made that long ago, and we're only just discovering this now, and StarUnion probably does not care, but if you did take the idea from StarUnion, would you mind at least crediting her? If you did not take the idea from StarUnion, major apologies, large coincidence, I'll be on my way. I've probably already made a fool of myself by representing TSE without their consent, but I'm the only one I know who has an active deviantart account. 

By the way, no hard feelings. I like your work. 
Norsehound Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
I've never heard of this StarUnion, or ROBLOX. The Escort carrier was created in a vacuum and inspired by linking cargo boxes together to make a larger ship. The blocky design of Roblox (apparently) lends itself to this kind of construction. Do you have a link to an image of this ship for me to compare?

The Escort Carrier was also drawn back in 2009... which was five years ago at this point. She might have seen my designs first and used them as inspiration to make her thing.

I know of art pirates, I've had some of my work stolen without credit, and I assure you it's coincidence in this case.
Skyneerh Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't, but it's kind of like a twin, and with less detail.

And I've been informed that StarUnion has in fact gotten the idea from you. Didn't think I had made that clear in my other apologetic posts. But thanks for replying, anyways, sorry for the foolish misunderstandings! 
Norsehound Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
If that's the case, if they haven't already, could -I- ask for some accreditation? It's only fair isn't it?
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