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Cataclysm 2nd: Kuun-Lan by Norsehound
Cataclysm 2nd: Kuun-Lan
I almost forgot I made this model, back when I was still using 3DS Max fairly regularly.

There may be hope someday of bringing Cataclysm 2nd to the light of gameplay but I am not a modder and at best, only an amateur modeler. I know nothing about the porting process, optimization, rigging, and would have to re-learn skinning.
AttackBomber1 by Norsehound
Eh, I'll upload another.

Commonality of parts was another thing I wanted to bring to Cataclysm 2nd, along with conventional strike craft. So Taiidan-somtaaw's ideas of an attack bomber is modifying their interceptors to a new role rather than create some kind of fighter that does something unusual rather than do something useful.

The main weapon and ammunition magazines were removed and instead a targeting array was installed. These side-packages were an attempt at combinging a small fusion engine with an emitter to make an ad-hoc attack bomber. It started life as a garage modification. Not as refined as the Taiidan navy ones by far, almost all of these were custom conversions of standard interceptors into serviceable anti-capital strike craft.

They do not fire missiles or turn invisible. They have a higher chance of exploding, however. But they are nimbler than the Taiidan navy versions, and the unusual front-heavy characteristics give it "interesting" handling characteristics.
AcolyteTrinity by Norsehound
Found something from the repository of Cataclysm 2nd drawings that I haven't uploaded here. I just finished a play-through of the Cataclysm campaign (having finished HW1R and HW2Remastered). My opinion hasn't changed, it's a silly story.

There's very little of the Somtaaw fleet that I would retain for Somtaaw in Catalcysm 2nd. The Acolyte was one of the few units that I would use in the campaign as something that was straightforward, useful, and that wasn't characterized by some annoying gimmick.

Here this Taiidan version of the Somtaaw were forced to design an interceptor of their own nearly from scratch to protect their own interests. The result was something between the exile-era Interceptors then still used by the Taiidan navy and some out-there designs used in the galactic east by a nomadic people called the Vaygr. It was more fragile but more maneuverable and faster than the Taiidan interceptors. It was also cheaper. No missile add-ons or anything complicated to bring up maintenance costs or complicate behavior for the pilot. Engine, gun, very easy to fly.
Homeworld-Map-v3 Canon by Norsehound
Homeworld-Map-v3 Canon
With Homeworld Remaster's release, I found myself back at the Homeworld map. Enough to complete as much as I could for all of my canon releases.

This version of the Homeworld map contains everything I could get my hands on for Homeworld 1 and 2. This includes all the loading screens, "Adjusted" small-screens for the level loading screens of the classics (lined up, they do not follow the campaign path), and the few precious loading screens from Homeworld 2 as best as I could.

Catalcysm is not represented on this map. I did check it for references- they are all contradictory. Barking Dog apparently had not a care for map consistency. Relic might not have been exact but at least they used one galactic depiction to base everything off of. BD did not even do that.

So, this is everything Canon for homeworld. I haven't combed through all the Revised references yet (Still working through HW1), but this is everything. After this, we go into conjecture and fanon-land.

...looks pretty bare doesn't it? That's why I made stuff up to populate the universe with. And it's that license that I'll be using to make this map into something pretty and populated. Starting with all the concept-art map depictions of the universe.
It's been a while since I've written, so I guess it's time for an update.

A few people have written to me asking for commissions work but the simple matter of it is, it isn't enough to sustain a living with, so I've discontinued doing commissions presently. I don't have the effort or the interest to pursue these transitory things when I really need something stable.

My last two jobs within the gaming industry were wonderful, desirable jobs that made me feel like I was moving forward with my career but they ended all-too soon.  Because of how jarring these losses were I don't think I can do a contractor's career. I want stability when it comes to holding a job and with this economy, in an art field, that just isn't possible. At least, not when I've tried to get one with my background of less than a year's worth of production design I guess.

At the moment I've returned to school to take instruction in Programming and hopefully go through a new open door. It may lead me back into the gaming industry but at least it means (hopefully) that I can have something stable and keep art as a hobby until another door opens up to let me in to pursue my passions. This also means taking a retail job to sustain me and my increasing health insurance payments while I try to learn a new trade.

It's not the most ideal turn of events, but I keep looking at my bank account decrease and job applications fly from my mailbox with no reply. Something needs to be done.

Thank you all for watching. I don't mean to say I'll discontinue my art efforts here, just that barring some kind of permanent job offer I don't think I'll be really responsive to requests for commissions.


A post-script. I've had requests in the past to license my Axel designs... in particular the KR-14 series. As a rule I must deny these requests. The Axels are native to the universe I made them for... I can't just break off the designs and hand them away. That would make them alien to the universe they were created for should I press on with them for other things.

It would be a thing to ask me to design machines similar to the Axels, which I have done, but the Axel series is not a gallery to loan out individual machines from. It is a showcase of what I like to do best; and that's draw robots.

Thank you.
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Michael Ptak
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