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Hi all,

I've got some free time now, so I'm open for commissions again! Lemmie know if you want to see some art from me, hit me up at
Fractured Space Fanart - Conundrum class by Norsehound
Fractured Space Fanart - Conundrum class
Recently I've been into Fractured Space, a space combat single-ship semi-simulator game pitting awesome ships against one another. It's got all the bits of all the popular science fiction in there, though more biased towards the B5/Farscape style of dynamics, I think? Either way, it's awesome.

A thread exists on their forums for alternate manufacturers beyond the three. On an impulse I whipped this up. 41 minutes. Photoshop, Illustrator
PattyCB by Norsehound
Small sketch. Did it a while ago, not sure why I didn't upload it then.
CC-3SP Antelope by Norsehound
CC-3SP Antelope
While Muscle Metal has been a primary driving mechanic behind how Axels work, this area of machine development rarely advanced in the years since the development of the Axel. Attempts to refine the material usually went in the method of exploring more composite materials, typically making heavier and bulkier fibers that are usually employed by heavy Axels. Nearly all development on the subject came to a halt when the UEPC began regulating Axel development.

A few corporations have ignored this mandate however, and in doing so one of them made a breakthrough. Lymat technologies experimented with advanced polymers to create the first hybrid material to Muscle Metal in axel development. The concept was proven after a fasion on the 97S Lique design, and Lymat pushed the technologies further with a new musculature system. The result is a seemingly organic bundle of Muscle Metal material that has nearly the pliability of tissue, making the material slightly more robust and self-healing over traditional Muscle Metal mixtures.

The UEPC was not aware of these designs until the concept was already proven and demonstrated. As a gesture of reconciliation Lymat offered the design to the UEPC armed forces with a powerful sensor suite purchased from Mitoh industries in Japan. Combining the sensor platform with one of the fastest leg actuator units on land, the result is a very potent and fast scout Axel. The UEPC accepted the gesture, though only half-heartedly. The units were far more expensive than the IL-22s already pressed in the scout role. A few Antelopes were employed, and typically among elite units to replace the IL-22s operating beside the KR-19s.

As Lymat approached the UEPC, quite a few of the designers disappeared, hoping to avoid the fate of Boez-Maus employees also "detained" by the government. These designers went underground and formed a conduit between Lymat and the Pirate Axel industry, covertly selling the Antelope on the pirate market. Many have since become part of the Global Resistance movement. The unit pictured is one available on the pirate market.

Lastly a civilian model exists. With the sensor cluster removed, the "Walking Pod" is referred to as the CC-3U "Bambi". Six of these very expensive walkers have been purchased by Entertainer Chalie Everem, who has them arranged in a dancing Chorus Line on the Reno entertainment strip. The routine is as amusing as it is absurd to behold, especially since the units are styled with fishnets on the legs and bright red shoes.


A re-work of a drawing I had sitting for a while, worked it in between working on some commissions.

StarCruiser Ships by Norsehound
StarCruiser Ships
Had an art test recently where I had to make up stuff for games that don't exist. So, I decided to depict one idea of mine: Star Cruiser. Like World of Warships and the like players have individual starships, except they pick one and stick with it to mod it over time with upgrade modules and better crews. Additionally, players can gain anywhere up to four frigates to fly around their command ship and assist with secondary batteries, AA fire, or just contribute on the offense.

I built the models so I could pose them, but ultimately one snapshot was used, and even then not all of the cruisers were done.

Someday if I get into game design I'd like to make this concept a reality. I like single-ship games, but I wouldn't mind having a small flotilla of lesser ships along to make it small fleet vs small fleet. But I'm just a concepter, I don't know/have all the tools to make it a reality. And even if I did, I'm just one person, and I can't spend all that time and effort on such a project when I really need a job.
Here's a bit of serious thinking for my watchers of DA.

So... putting it succinctly I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for a career . I look at the kinds of things I do when I have the time and I know I like drawing/creating. I'd like very much to have a career where I do this all the time.

When I was in high school I knew I wanted to be a concept artist, specifically a mechanical designer similar to the likes of Kunio Okawara and Hajime Katoki. That's what I grew up wanting to do and how I developed artistically. I know that I'm an illustrator, not a digital artist, so while I can't paint as well as Ukitakumuki or some of my other sources of inspiration, I know I can at least do line artwork like Katoki or Genocidalpenguin and then color in my artwork.

But... Is there a place where I can do this vehicle lineart and coloring for a career? I'm talking beyond commissions artwork, because I don't really put myself out there as much as I should for that kind of thing and would like to find a steady job doing this.

In Japan it feels like Mechanical Designers of anime are a recognized career in the industry there, and if I were there it would be the thing I would be doing. But what's the equivalent in the west?
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Michael Ptak
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Graphic Designer, artist, imaginative. The Right Place is somewhere creative.

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Luiz-Paulo Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2016
Hello Friend. I'm looking for artists who want to collaborate in a 3D MMO game that I and some friends are developing and I liked some of your works. Would you be interested in?
Norsehound Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
I can tell you I'm interested in hearing more of the details. Go ahead and drop me a note or shoot an email to
Luiz-Paulo Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016
I sent you a note.
Raptor-Shadow Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2016   Digital Artist
I love love love love your Homeworld Maps, one of my major inspirations to get into Sci-Fi space mapping.

Cool to see your other works too, it's been a long time since I've been to relicnews!
Anybronym0ti0n Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Fantastic Homeworld art, nice to see something of what is most likely one of the most defining games in my life,

You my friend, deserve a watch
avenger09 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a interesting read.…
Militant-Jester Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016   General Artist
SO HOW BOUT THAT NEW GAME HUH? I'm quite enjoying it.
Norsehound Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2016
I think it's a pretty solid addition to the Homeworld universe. Better as a platform for new entries into the world... Kharak wasn't really explored before now, so it's nice to see the Kiith histories start to make a significance in the game. I'm hoping to see more.
Gaboris Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
Darn! I'm really late, but Happy Birthday from Hungary!
Keep up the awesome work. :)
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Happy Birthday! :D
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