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Hey guys,

If I were to open up commissions, who would be interested? I'm thinking sketches like the recent ships I've done will start at $60, full maps like the HW Map and Kharak system will start at $100. Leave a comment or drop me a note!
IyassadeFleet by Norsehound
Lately I've been thinking about the other races I mentioned in my Homeworld map and what kind of character to give them. I started some of this in Cataclysm 2nd with defining two new races the Taiidan-Somtaaw were supposed to play with (the Frerrn and the Taanach), but thinking more along those lines I'm starting to wonder what the others would look like. So, the Iyassade. They'd be the biggest of the Galactic Council powers outside of the collective Osyrrian alliance.

After the Bentusi and the Havilah (operators of the Rockship) they have the third most powerful navy outside of the Taiidan Empire in the Homeworld 1 era. By Homeworld 2 the Hiigarans could match them, and the final blow to Iyassade power was the appearance of the Vaygr trinity cannon knocking these behemoths out easily. Yes, on average Iyassade ships are a lot bigger than their smaller neighbors because the Iyassade build their ships bigger and stronger, but they pay for it in speed.

The design direction I went for these was a cross between airliners/modern ocean liners and ironclad warships. Pictured is a Battleship (it hyperspaces in, it is not built) a Battle frigate, and a monitor frigate of some kind. Can't decide if it fires Ion beams or something else, like one-pulse trinity cannons.
Somtaaw Command Frigate2 by Norsehound
Somtaaw Command Frigate2
I was peeking around my Cata 2nd folder in Photoshop when I came across this. An alternate version of the command frigate... I think I like this one better.
One year more around the sun huh?

Still chasing the programming tiger. I'm actually having fun with it! But I'm still not near being an industry level programmer, and I think I want to get back into graphic design for a day job while taking programming classes at night. I'm feeling beached at retail, and since I think my design skills are great enough for me to blink and come up with something (or so I feel), I need to start showing that in something other than the video gaming/science-fiction/computer niche I've set myself into.

I found a site, briefbox, which has an interesting premise. These are open design proposals not attached to anything and just there for designers to practice with. They are similar to other kinds of design briefs you'd typically find in the industry. I find it's easier for me to be creative when I have some kind of restriction... being too open with no direction is, appropriately enough, disorienting. I feel like I need practical real-world things in my portfolio if I'm gonna show of my skills to people outside of that science fiction gaming bubble.

Also, anyone know what the design world is like up in Portland? I've been visiting there recently and it seems like a nice place. My lady and I both like the pacific north west, and it would be nice to find a place for both of us up there.
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Michael Ptak
United States
Graphic Designer, artist, imaginative. The Right Place is somewhere creative.

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Fantastic Homeworld art, nice to see something of what is most likely one of the most defining games in my life,

You my friend, deserve a watch
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This is a interesting read.…
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SO HOW BOUT THAT NEW GAME HUH? I'm quite enjoying it.
Norsehound Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2016
I think it's a pretty solid addition to the Homeworld universe. Better as a platform for new entries into the world... Kharak wasn't really explored before now, so it's nice to see the Kiith histories start to make a significance in the game. I'm hoping to see more.
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Darn! I'm really late, but Happy Birthday from Hungary!
Keep up the awesome work. :)
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Hope you have an amazing birthday, man!
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