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Angel Moon Variations V3 by Norsehound
Angel Moon Variations V3
Believe it or not, Deserts of Kharak gave us several new variants of the Angel Moon Logo! So, yet another amended chart cataloging this beautiful logo. Be warned! There are spoilers!

From top to bottom, left to right;

The Guidestone Pedestal Relief is on the pedestal that held the guidestone, found in the ruins of the Khar-Toba. We can guess this was also the sigil of the ancient Hiigaran empire. I tried my best to trace it in Illustrator, but this is the hardest of the angel moons to logo (Every other logo after it was vector-based).

The CD Cover one is the graphic used on the install, for the GOTY CD cover, for the startup icon, and the logo for Fleet Intelligence in the game. Basically, this is HW1's logo.

The Main Menu Icon is actually in a minor location; on the main menu for Homeworld 1 in the lower-right corner. It was so different in the dimensions of the wings that I decided to document it as a variant.

The game manual graphic I didn't know where it came from, until I opened the Homeworld 1 manual and found it. This is the 'modern' HW1 logo, and is used mostly whenever anyone references HW1. The change between this and the "First" HW1 logo are principally in merging the spheres with the wings.

The Promotional site graphic was on the splash page for a countdown to information on Homeworld 2. The date came and went with no information, but the logo remained. Apparently this logo was the alpha version of the game before HW2 was scrapped and re-designed from the ground up.

The Homeworld 2 one is the one that made it into the final retail version of the game. Used for the badges, any official Hiigaran logo, etx. Wider than the HW1 versions, with the feathers of the guidestone pedestal and HW2 alpha.

The Decade Interceptor one is present on the interceptor drawn by Dave Cheong, on behalf of Relic to thank the fans for a decade of dedication for Homeworld. The Interceptor is new, so is the logo, and this is my attempt to replicate it. Since it IS from Relic, and IS an Angel-Moon derivative, it MUST be included here and before RedPanther's HW:E logo.

The Homeworld: Empire is actually unofficial; it was made by OneRedPanther when rumors were abound of a Homeworld Massive Multiplayer Online game. While I oppose MMORPGs and don't want Homeworld anywhere near them (noting what happened to the Warcraft universe when WoW happened), I nevertheless thought the logo was interesting enough to include as a variant of the Angel Moon.


Based on their file names I wonder if the HM badges were alternate Homeworld Mothership icons that were considered for replacing the classic angel moons. Just my guess. Since I'm not able to extract these badges I had to free-hand all of them as best as I could. Even HM3, used for the menus, refuses to be screencapped for some reason.

HM1 is very similar to the Dave Cheong one. HM2 is an approximation and an interesting version. Probably the most radical-yet-original of a list of thumbnails I can imagine exists around BBI or Gearbox. I had a hard time with this one and might try another go at it again when I have the inclination.

HM3 Is a close permutation of the HW1 CD Cover version. The lower circle is set higher and the higher circle imposes on the wings. This is used for the main menu graphics and is the "Homeworld 1" Icon for remastered. A very nice throwback logo.

This Remastered Pedestal Relief is from the same image with the different guidestone. Certainly different from the older relief carving... whichever one is "proper" is significant because it represents the identification of the old Hiigaran empire (which the exiles redesigned for their own use no doubt). Here is the outer outline of the glyph since there were three inset tiers, I only wanted the silhouette.

Deserts of Kharak

Ingame Menu Button is a very interesting entry because of the ramifications for Homeworld lore. This is presented to us as the Kapisi is powering up... before the expedition arrives at the Khar-Toba to learn of origin of the Exiles. It was an easy presumption in Homeworld 1 that the exiles updated the ancient logo discovered buried at Khar-Toba to use as the symbol of a unified people. Now, pre-dating Khar-Toba, this presumption is incorrect (unless it religiously persevered across the ages). The Angel moon is not addressed at all.

Updated Angel Moon was announced by BBI at least on facebook where I first heard of it. As far as I can tell though it is not used anywhere in the game. Nor is it the activation icon for the game like previous Angel moon logos were used. While we're all speculating on future DoK content from BBI, I believe it could be appearing there? In the very least this could be the logo to identify this period in time.

The Jaraci Object
The city of Khar-Toba turned out to be laid out like the Angel Moon! It was a nice touch, even if it kind of flew in the face of previously established canon. While not strictly a logo, it is a permutation of the Angel Moon graphic.
Silverfish by Norsehound
My Rebel things came in last week and only just got to finish painting them yesterday. Hopefully they'll see combat today.

MC30s are LZ-1 and LZ-2. MC80 is the Akron.
Determinator by Norsehound
I won this guy at Sullust. The Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the most beautiful (If not completely accurate) models created by Fantasy Flight Games. I finally decided on a name for mine: The Determinator.
One Texture by Norsehound
One Texture
I learn something new with each ship I finish. I'm able to swap registries here by changing just one transparency texture.
Loknar by Norsehound
The Modeling spree continues! My take on the Loknar-class, from FASA. Andorian origin, more of a combat destroyer than the traditional all-balanced Constitutions.

I haven't gotten that far yet but the Akhiel features in Star Trek Vangard as one of the defeders of Starbase 47. She has no registry listed on Memory Beta, and since I'm reluctant to do anything pre TMP with a registry over 2000 (FASA had them pretty high up there for this class) I re-designated her accordingly.
One year more around the sun huh?

Still chasing the programming tiger. I'm actually having fun with it! But I'm still not near being an industry level programmer, and I think I want to get back into graphic design for a day job while taking programming classes at night. I'm feeling beached at retail, and since I think my design skills are great enough for me to blink and come up with something (or so I feel), I need to start showing that in something other than the video gaming/science-fiction/computer niche I've set myself into.

I found a site, briefbox, which has an interesting premise. These are open design proposals not attached to anything and just there for designers to practice with. They are similar to other kinds of design briefs you'd typically find in the industry. I find it's easier for me to be creative when I have some kind of restriction... being too open with no direction is, appropriately enough, disorienting. I feel like I need practical real-world things in my portfolio if I'm gonna show of my skills to people outside of that science fiction gaming bubble.

Also, anyone know what the design world is like up in Portland? I've been visiting there recently and it seems like a nice place. My lady and I both like the pacific north west, and it would be nice to find a place for both of us up there.
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