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KR-14-P7 Kelleg GR type by Norsehound KR-14-P7 Kelleg GR type by Norsehound
Five years after the sudden shutdown of the Boez-Maus company, the seven missing KR-14 prototypes had yet to be found by the UEPC. Though the Prime Minister of the United States assured the United Earth Government that an investigation was completely underway, there were no leads on the whereabouts of the missing units or the technicians who designed them. Even spies operating in the American southwest reported no sightings.

The UEPC had no inkling of the whereabouts of these units until the armed riots in Siberia, Turkey, The Philippines, and the northern reaches of Canada. A new model of Axel was spotted that suspiciously conformed to the KR-14 shape, but was much better tuned in performance. Only when several of these downed units were investigated by the UEPC's technical branch was the shocking truth revealed: The KR-14S had been put into production.

It is thought that as many as five Pirate Axel factories had been tooled to produce this new unit, and ship them to high-profile resistance groups around the globe. Sporting a brown paint scheme and a common logo, this appeared to be the first organized resistance against the United Earth government on the planet since the Last Stand of the Americas.

In combat they are proven to be superior to the KR-14As, and as the KR-14S model had been produced with off-the-shelf components, it is thought they are not much more expensive either. Although they are not the most common pirate axel operated by the various paramilitary organizations on Earth, it is feared that it someday might be. As the UEPC feels it cannot afford to have its plans for lunar conquest upset, priority has been given to locating the plants manufacturing the KR-14-P7 and destroying them. Operations with this goal have been observed deploying KR-19s, but as of yet there has been no record of the two units fighting one another.

To fix and prepare my portfolio for employment, one of my instructors asked me to take my best "Character design" and push the limits on how pretty I could make it. The KR-14S is not only one of my favorite designs, but it seems the mecha is becoming a mascot of mine. So I took it and worked with it, producing a variant in the meantime. I might revist some of the other Axels for fixing as well, since I had some fun polishing the 14S.
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Lobo7922 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
No only i like the Mech, but the story that you build around it too, congrats :)
irmax-comix Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
wow nice! love the look! :D
Kumpao Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010
I understand this is an underground axel and anything related to it is most likely a crime by UEPC law. So how are they produced/ supplied? Irregular manufacturing( Producing units with available equipment causing mayor sways in final product quality) Or is there a Strong enough Black Market to provide such complex machinery ad raw materials in quantity? If so then the UEPC is the ruling entity only in paper. With the appearance of the KR-14A+ and the Super Kelleg a more and more common sighting in conflict zones one could argue if the KR19 has been already outdated by Irregular forces. Should individual countries refuse to aid with their KR-14D models the UEPC is effectively powerless, that is... unless they have a way to enforce their rule that renders conventional military strength noneffective, such as an ICMB or a lore-wise equivalent.

Sorry :P I'm just pointing out a plot hole in and otherwise solid and interesting Fiction. Your work is still outstanding and continues to improve
Norsehound Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010
As powerful and all-reaching the UEPC is, it cannot be everywhere. I imagined most of Pirate Axel manufacturing was conducted in remote locations easily missed (like, say, the Pacific islands). The UEPC holds power largely through controlling the heavily populated areas (They are "based" in Europe). There are a few Axel factories here and there leftover from World War three that are operated by independents (such as the Astra corporations, which runs out of Cupps). Occasionally they are found by the UEPC patrols, but this is about as effective as rooting out the Japanese from their entrenchments during World War 2. Nuking the island would just cause a scandal, since nukes are still a large taboo... I haven't decided if any were used in WW3 or not.

I should also make it clear, the A+ is not a pirate design. It is an illegal modification of the KR-14A to desperately produce a more effective unit. That the UEPC is letting this slide is something of a testament to how effective the pirates are becoming (or that they will take short cuts to prevent anything from interrupting LUNAR subjugation).

But above all this, the UEPC retains a larger scale of production, research, and design than the Pirate factories could hope to match. There might be several battalions worth of P7s in pirate hands now, but that took several years to achieve. If the UEPC chooses, they can put the KR-19 into full production and out-number the active P7s in less than two years. This is not including Heavy Axels, which the pirates have yet to produce a workable design. The Kelleg series might be versatile, but the BK-47s can destroy them.

So for now, the UEPC might stall on answering the pirate axel developments by seeing how many -14As can be thrown at the problem. They still have quantity on their side for the moment. Most of the R&D is being sunk into a way on conquering the moon (and maybe some research into Agitators, now that debacle at Palifca has raised some eyebrows).
Kumpao Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
Indeed I had completely missed out the point that the Super Kelleg is a response to the 14D model and it is, by extension, outmatched by the KR-19, not o mention the BK-47 which would most likely make short work of them.

Yet the UEPC is playing its card under the assumption the entire world is completely theirs, and it has been hinted that they might be wrong.
Norsehound Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
The UEPC offers unity and stability to the world... even if it is under an iron heel. Then again, if part(s) of the globe weren't compliant in its formation then it would never have happened in the first place. Though I talk and draw of Pirate Axels and independents, the UEPC is still popular in places like Europe and parts of the United States. Some countries still want their independence though, but can't fight for it because they don't have the power to fight back the whole of the UEPC.

But it's not like the UEPC is openly oppressing the people. Just forcing everyone to be under the same banner and under the same standards.
El-Bronco Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool! :XD:
AngelicAdonis Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Intense! Thats one beefy looking Mecha!
Chizek Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
wewt yea!
goblinrocket Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010
tekanako-the-first Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010  Student General Artist
Very impressive Norsehound, you are definitely getting better, it seems to be day by day rather than by months, keep it up!
If I see a book, game or series of Axel then I would definitely get it.
goat89 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
Most excellent! Keep up the good work!
1Wyrmshadow1 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
Looks quite nice and very intimidating. Good luck with your portfolio progress.
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