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August 17, 2008
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Leo Lineup 1 by Norsehound Leo Lineup 1 by Norsehound
Aside from Cataclysm 2nd, I've recently returned to the world of mobile suits and such...

I present a re-design of the Leo and its earlier incarnation... making the differences a little more distinct than panels in the armor.

Left to right, top to bottom:

While the Earth Federal forces struggled with Project V to match the Zeon's new Mobile suits, the Romafeller foundation managed to devise their own mobile suit design from stolen Zaku plans. The result was the OZ-05MS "Leo" design. This is the coloration of the first sucessful mobile suit unit from the Romafeller foundation.

As the Leo was made production-ready several weeks in advance of the EF's GM lines, a number of these pre-production models ended up in the hands of Federal pilots, many of whom would switch to the GM when it became available. Some retained their leos, however, citing the Leo's ability for better mobility and ease of repair.

OZ-05MS Leo:
These are the rollout colors for the "Early Leo". Two batches of a dozen units were produced before production switched to the more practical "Leo 2nd" design.

OZ-06MS Leo:
The "true" Leo, this was the design the Romafeller foundation was seeking to perfect. It began production around the same time as the GM, and there was competition between the Earth Federal in-house suit production and the suits produced by the Romafeller foundation. While GMs were generally better armored, Leos were easier to mass produce as they used off-the-shelf components, rather than the Gundam-derived parts of the GM line. The Leo, like the GM, would remain one of the popular mainstay suits for years to come.

Still using the Romafeller foundation's model code, Karbara and the AEUG managed to acquire a number of Leo Mobile suits for their war against the tyrannical Titan organization following the One Year War. They were quite popular in the PLANTs of Side three, as the GM was seen as a symbol of the Blue Earth movement.

The Titans managed to aquire a few stock Leos for use among their forces, but not many of them saw action. As the Titans were interested in mass-producing a Gundam-derived line, the Leo wasn't as popular among the pilots as the GMs were.

OZ-06MS-C Kushrenada custom
During the middle months of the war, Oz representative Treize Kushrinada was given an OZ-06MS to use whenever he lead a battle personally (which was frequent). His unit typically stood out among other Leo units, and was occasionally confused for a GM at a distance. Treize would continue this color scheme when he eventually upgraded to the second Tallgeese prototype.

OZ-06MS-C Zechs custom
Ace pilot Zechs Marquise was also given one of the first C-model Leos to use personally in battle. Zechs used it only once, shortly after it was built, before facing Zeon's new mobile suits and discovering the prototype OZ-00Ms Tallgeese.

OZ-06MS Quattro Bajeena custom
Under the alias Quattro Bajeena, newtype Zeon ace Char Aznable infiltrated the OZ organization and, after demonstrating his combat ability in an OZ-05MS against a trio of mobile dolls, was given his own Leo. He would use the Leo (and his alias) to follow the White-Base class Archangel across the earth before abandoning the name and the suit to return to space.
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shadowzero20 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
I think the leo mobile suits had potential but to me they didn't do well in series. Though trowa, hero, and few others seemed to bring out the potential in them. Personally the serpent mobile suits I liked, shame was only in movie though
Norsehound Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
The repeated stock footage of showing them dying easily gives this impression that they're made of cardboard and can't stand up for themselves...

they can't be any worse than the original MS-06 Zaku II series, on which they are based.
shadowzero20 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
I think in right hands the leos be powerful suit. ^^ one reason how later on in universal era there were much better pilots who piloted regular mobile suits. Would be nice to see gundam game where you modify and custom mobile suits. Show mobile suits are capable as gundams, zeon vs federation, gundam vs zeta, encounters in space and few others games I loved the zaku and zaku like mobile suits, made friends made that I won with them even they choose a powerful gundam that was supposed to be superior
PieGeo190 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
This is awesome :) will you ever do this with the Aries?
lolth2112 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
Any chance to see a RX-78, RX-77 and GM redesign in your style?
blacklion68 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
Nice! can't wait to see how you would redo that franchise's spacecraft.
Kyle-666 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Their heads remind me of old computers...
formenthos Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
love these
AngaelWings Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student General Artist
can i get your base model? i want custom leo's a s well for a game im making
carbonunderground2 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
LOL on the Quattro custom; should have had pinkish hues though... XD
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