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OU-8 Color Schemes by Norsehound OU-8 Color Schemes by Norsehound
By the time the UEPC was finally forced off the moon entirely there were only a handful of Lunar bases. Colonization of the moon proceeds very slowly without Earth assistance, yet it is happening. The OU-8's production is one of the strongest statements to lunar independence- specifically in the fact that a fighting line AXEL can be designed, manufactured, and operated entirely by lunar citizens.

As the OU-8 has become the standard mass-production unit of the entire Lunar forces, it accordingly comes in several color schemes specific to the base that they are deployed. Five Major Lunar colonies operate the OU-8 in distinctive colors, and with some exceptions generally local bases operate whatever scheme is of the closest base... if not the 'stock' color/camouflage.

Romer peak was the only one of the five bases constructed specifically for military use. Constructed from the beginnings of a lunar mine, Romer Peak is perhaps the best fortified installation on the entire moon.

Perhaps the largest lunar base, Copernicus was the first settlement constructed on the moon by disenchanted settlers and businesses from the Earth. It was the only Lunar colony for a long time and prospered with the exports. However, it was also a hotbed of anti-Earth sentiment and came to house political dissidents.

Plato was originally constructed as a penal export colony and prison for UEPC prisoners. It was a maximum security prison as well as a penitentiary and gulag. The revolt by the Lunarites freed many of these prisoners to integrate with Lunar society, though the worst of the criminals died in subsequent revolt attempts or were shipped back to Earth. Now, Plato is one of the major manufacturers of Lunar arms thanks to the re-tooled former work camps there.

Clavius base was seen as one of the last attempts by the United States to retain some autonomy from the United Earth government. Seeing the signs of change, many Americans who were unhappy with the UE government left for the Moon before it declared Independence. Seeing themselves as a modern-age version of the United State's founding, Clavius troopers are often nicknamed 'Minutemen'. This is an apt choice of words as the remains of America's Professional space military can finish a battle within minutes.

Columbo was established as a fuel depot for all future lunar missions by the now-defunct 'Moon Mission Conglamorate', which had hoped to open the facility for all lunar travel. The falling out of the company's assets and Lunar independence barred the base's original goal, but it was quickly occupied by the Lunarites and reactivated. The base is also the site for oxygen mining and metals refining. However, it is also the most heavily guarded facility for the amount of exposure to space- sporting more laser turrets than any other base.

Axels, Agitators, and so on (C) Michael Ptak 2007
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kervin3233 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Plato has the best paintjob.
eastxander Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
I wish there where more of these things that show colour schemes.
Qualanx Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
I really, really like the designs of your mech things. It's interesting how the arms seem to be branching out from the legs, as well.
goat89 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
Very nice insignias!!! more info or drawings on them 'sub-factions' of the UEPC is much appreciated! Good work!
Norsehound Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
The UEPC doesn't have a lot of sub-factions... at least to the degree that the Moon does with it's city-states. the UEPC is much more controlling over its constituents than LUNAR with the colonies that comprise it.
goat89 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
Ah! I actually meant to say the city-states! >< But good work!
ScarecrowKing Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
I like the Romer Peak Instillation colors the most. Very interesting design.
alyx-sama Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
:) nice!
tekanako-the-first Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009  Student General Artist
I don't have much to say, but this is the best you have done so far, can't wait for any future boardgames are cardgame, keep up ummm... Is it called the Axel series ?
CarrionTrooper Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
Oh hey, I've just noticed that the design of the mech looks a bit like rabbits.
Rabbits on the moon, the Japanese say! :D
ScarecrowKing Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
Heh. I can just see the enemy pilots saying something along the lines of "Damn Lunarians and their rabbits." Or just "Damn rabbits..."

(Yes Lunarian is the generally accepted term for those who live on the moon.)
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