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The Taiidan Republic gained life in the year or so after the death of the Imperial Emperor Riesstiu IVth over the planet Hiigara when the natives of that planet defeated him. It would exist from 9524 and slowly loose strength until 9624, where it was ultimately destroyed by the Vaygr Armada under the leadership of Warlord Makaan. The Republic has been carried on by some factions since, but remains only an idea.

The history of the Republic began three months after the death of the Emperor, where Taiidani officials began considering what kind of leadership would replace Emperor Riesstiu’s Imperial rule.

During this time, diverse ideas were beginning to sprout in the former Taiidan empire on how things could be different than the system of Emperors that had reigned in Taiidan ever since their expansion into the stars. Among these new ideas was the notion of a Democracy- something that other empires like the Caanan assembly and Asshur had enjoyed and prospered under. Those who followed this idea argued that Taiidan could be, at last, fairly represented by the people and lead in such a way that reflected popular opinion.

This was only one voice of several, however, and among the other contestants for the new government of Taiidan were the faction calling themselves the "Traditionalists". Having formed in the first century of Riesstiu’s reign, the Traditionalists have existed as an underground cultural movement that sought to dispose Riesstiu from the throne and return the heir of Clan Amaterasu, the Emperor previous to Riesstiu, to the throne. They believed that Riesstiu did not follow the traditional means of succession in the empire and that his leadership was invalid. Many traditionalists supported the Rebellion against Riesstiu for this reason and carried with them a strong cultural heritage that remained as constant as Riesstiu sought to stamp it out.

As Taiidan was in a state of flux, the various factions started gaining power and influence in the first year of Taiidan’s turbulent period. During this time, administrative duties fell on the Taiidan Assembly of Lords. Suddenly blessed with newfound powers, many of the members of the Assembly found that they did not take well to the idea of loosing their administrative powers easily. During the coup, corrupt members of the assembly managed to escape persecution because no evidence of supporting Riesstiu could be brought against them. These members, seeing the political state of Taiidan, decided to seize power for themselves. They endorsed the Republican model and campaigned for themselves to be members of the "Republican Senate", citing their legitimacy based on experience in office and familiarity with the local issues of the Taiidan people.

Only a few token admirals in the rebellion managed to see the larger picture and the crisis currently gripping the Taiidan people. Being so used and oppressed by an oligarch, the Taiidan people would jump too hastily to a new system that left them open to exploitation by anyone paying attention. These Admirals decided to campaign against the Republican ideas to preserve Taiidan’s functionality as a nation. Though divided, Taiidan was still powerful, and these Admirals wanted to keep Taiidan strong in the wake of loosing the Homeworld war.

At the end of the first year, some systems under the Taiidan empire wished for cessation. This created a problem as there was no legitimate government in Taiidan at the time that could acknowledge their independence. While the Galactic Council had yet to convene again on the matter, the Assembly of Lords passed a decree refusing to allow these systems their independence.

In protest, these independent systems seized the military assets within their boundaries and declared independence- either shutting themselves off from the rest of the Taiidan empire completely or deciding to join with other nations they were on the border of. As tensions rose, the Assembly of Lords decided to dispatch military forces to these systems to re-take the assets seized by the systems. As this was Riesstiu’s way of doing things, it was the only way the Assembly knew how to deal with such things, and the independent-seeking systems would not approach the negotiating table.

As Hiigara was still dealing with their own internal policies, neighboring empires looked in on the Taiidan situation. The nations of Asshur and Taanach dispatched delegates to Taiidan to offer assistance on their internal problems, but the Assembly (again, the only acting political body on Taiidan) refused their aid, citing the rebellions as "internal problems". It was clear to everyone in the empire, however, that an official body that could speak for all of Taiidan was needed soon. More and more of the population began to support the Republican system, which the Republican parties thought would better express the needs and wants of systems seeking independence. Elections for the new Republican Senate went underway one month into the second year of internal turmoil in Taiidan.

The Traditionalists decided to protest the matter and bring their cause to Taiidan directly. Rallying ships from across the empire that supported the Traditionalist idea, they converged on Taiidan in peaceful protest of electing what they saw as corrupt political officials. This rally became known in history as "Rally 38", where 38 warships from across the empire came to the Taiidan home system.

The 38 ships in question were all warships of destroyer or higher classification, and some feared that they might use force to disband the Republic and restore Imperial rule in Riesstiu’s name (which some of the Imperial fleet were rumored to be campaigning for). Playing off this fear, the Assembly and Pro-Republican forces launched vessels of their own to "police" the protest and demand the Traditionalist warships stand down and prepare for arrest.

History isn’t clear on who fired the first shot, but conflict broke out between the 38 and the police forces sent to subdue them. With several major capital ships lost the remains of the 38 fled Taiidan for remote parts, now delegated as "war criminals" by the Assembly of lords and the Pro-republican faction. This, however, would come to hurt the fledgling Republic in it’s early days, as most of those capital ships would find their way into Imperial hands- their crews intending on overthrowing the corrupt Republic.

In the days after the Rally 38, the Pro-Republican forces spun the incident to paint the Traditionalists as Pro-Riesstiu campaigners seeking to "disband the free will of the people by force" and turned popular opinion against the Traditionalists and their ideas. This allowed the Republican government to form, and into the second year elections were held to constitute the new Republic.

The Traditionalists were not the only ones who did not favor the new government, however. As the elections went on, planetary systems whose nominated candidates lost their chances to be on the senate decided things would be better if they were not part of other Empire any longer. As candidates were voted off or lost, some of the systems they were representing declared independence from the Taiidan empire rather than risk having their voices lost in the senate. More and more systems became independent as the elections were drawing to a close, and the Taiidan people looked to strong leadership to reunite the Taiidan people.

The first election of the Taiidan senate pretty much retained many members of the old Assembly of Lords that had held power during Riesstiu’s reign. New faces and members were added to the assembly, but they did not have as much political weight as the old wigs and were either forced to form alliances with the old members or face political ousting if they voted contrary to the opinion of the old members. In this way, much of the old system remained even as the government became Republic.

One change to the system was the election of a president, basing the model off of the Asshur triad of government (Courts, Executive, Congress). With The Imperial Senate forming the role of Congress, the Courts and Executive position needed to be filled. As the judges from the Imperial era were seen as unqualified (they were show-trial judges under Riesstiu’s reign), ministers of Law with standing in the old Assembly of Lords were elected to positions in the Republican Courts. As many of these new Court-members were handpicked by the old Assembly, it meant that the Courts would fall in agreement with anything the Senate decided upon.

The final tier was the election of an Executive member, which in the Asshurian model was someone elected outside the Senate. They could be a former member, but not a serving member on the Senate. As the members of the old Assembly of Lords did not wish to draw too much attention to themselves, they decided to find someone outside of the established government to put in place as President.

The Public had several figures nominated for the position of President, among them being retired Captain Elson of the Destroyer Kappela- most noted for enlisting the aid of the Exiles in the civil war. Though Elson was favored by a good percentage of the population, Elson himself didn’t feel he was qualified to lead an entire nation and honorably stepped down from the position. Instead the assembly elected Rear Admiral Kerru, who was one of the highest-ranking members in the Rebellion. He took office midway into the second year of the Republic, just as succession was hitting it’s high.

Kerru was not the choice candidate of the Assembly, and during his presidency he did his best to stabilize the Taiidan Republic. He clashed with the Senate over allowing the systems to succeed, and because the Courts were in-line with the Senate it meant that Taiidan fleets were more often than not dispatched to independent systems to either dispose the rebelling officers or otherwise seize military equipment the systems thought they owned. This lead to what some historians call the "first rejection" of the Republican system as violence broke out between independent systems and the new Republican government.

One merit to Kerru’s presidency was six years after the civil war, where he formed a peace treaty with the Hiigarans and negotiated a buffer zone of defense, as well as granting them full administrative privileges over Hiigara. This eased the pressure on the returned Exiles immensely, as they had been fighting with the Imperial-elected Hiigaran governors ever since returning to Hiigara. With Taiidan influence removed completely from Hiigara, the Hiigarans were allowed to make full dictation over their planet’s affairs without any interference from the outside (which lead to several forced exoduses by pre-landfall populations on Hiigara who refused to accept Hiigaran law).

Kerru’s last effort in office was to secure a trade and technology treaty with the Bentusi, realizing the need Taiidan had for superior technology. By this point, more than half of the systems that once were under Taiidan’s flag had seceded and either joined other nations or formed nations on their own. Havilah benefited greatly from the systems that joined their ranks, and Frerrn, Tobar, and eventually the future Hiigaran Empire itself would draw planets from these independent nations.

Things remained stable for the most part up until the "Beast Wars" fifteen years after the Hiigarans returned. Most of the action took place in the space between Hiigaran and Republican space, meaning that both sides were brought into the conflict, along with the Imperial and then-present Turanic Raider factions participating in the area. During the conflict, the Taiidan Republic lost a significant portion of it’s standing space navy to the Beast, the Imperials, and Turanic forces.

The biggest blow, however, came with the loss of Fleet Base Alpha. Fleet Base Alpha had been the nexus for Imperial ship research and it was the place where technologies like the Ion Cannon (Project-X), Gravity Well Generator (code-named Koraal by Kushan intelligence) and energy cannon were pioneered and developed. It was at Fleet Base Alpha where the Republic decided to reactivate and deploy one of the former Imperial technological breakthroughs- the Repulse field. Rejected due to impracticality under Riesstiu’s administration, the prototype field generator station was reactivated and Christened "Nomad Moon" by the engineers there.

Before it could be deployed, however, Fleet Base Alpha came under attack by the Beast. The Nomad Moon itself was infected by the micro-organism and was eventually destroyed by the Kiith-Somtaaw explorer ship Kuun-Lan and it’s escorts. While the Beast Capital ship Naggarock dealt with the Somtaaw, the rest of the combined beast fleet obliterated Fleet Base Alpha’s shipyards and Research installations- completely destroying the facility. Though the beast was eventually eradicated (both in the beast wars and the three beast-cleansing crusades that scoured the eastern edge of the galaxy), the damage was done and the Republic was without it’s most sophisticated research equipment and technology.

At the time, President Hiian had been elected into power, and unlike former President Kerru, strings had been pulled to provide a weak executive power that the senate could have more control over. Rather than rebuild Fleet Base Alpha, the Republican government decided it would be easier and cheaper to lease technologies from other races- including Kiith Somtaaw, which had become the spring of second-generation spacecraft technology in the wake of the beast wars. Funding that could have been provided towards reconstructing or refurbishing a second R&D facility instead went to several bureaucracies delegated to examining the cause of Nomad Moon’s failure to perform against the Beast, examination of the origins of the Cruise Missile form (and weather or not it had been stolen from Fleet Base Alpha itself), and the committee to examine fleet performance during the course of the Beast War. Funding appropriated for these projects, it was found out later (9532 GSY), actually found it’s way into the pockets of senators who approved the projects and the managers of these programs. The scandal was eventually uncovered by Hiigaran agents and exposed to the Galactic Council.

The scandal that followed the beast war would eventually lead to the election of President Ehitau Amiida in 9535 GSY. Amiida was a popularly elected official who had a background in managing the economic affairs of the Taiidan Republic. Competent in politics and well aware of the situation regarding the Taiidan Republic, Amiida was one of several contestants who were riding in the wake of the political scandal of misappropriated funding. One of the runners in the race was Captain Elson, who recognized that his people were in dire need of strong leadership.

However, by this time the Senate had a firm foothold in the new Republican government and several officials blackmailed Elson into not only withdrawing from the running, but endorsing the senate’s favored Candidate, Liasam Ilaan. Despite this underhanded action, however, Amiida won the election by a good margin and was instated as the third president of the Taiidan Republic.

Almost immediately Amiida began serious clashes with the Republican Senate. While Amiida sought to put funding towards modernizing the Republican fleet and initiating a renovation of current policies, the Assembly sought to acquire more foreign aid and spend funds on current policies. The courts, having several members replaced during the last administration, was divided on many issues and so an equilibrium had been established between the two powerhouses. So strong was Amiida’s position that the Senate could not easily undermine his power.

Amiida’s strong presidency, however, ended when a media story appeared in Taiidani circles that painted Amiida as a usurper of the Republican Government. Playing on the dislike of oligarchs and solitary figures of authority, the Senate directed the media to attack Amiida and paint him as an ambitious oligarch out to secure sole leadership for the Taiidani people himself. His personality as an ambitious overachiever did not help his image, and so after four years in office Amiida was removed.

Rather than elect another executive member, however, the Senate once again manipulated Taiidani politics and effected, through the courts, a change in the constitution of the Taiidan republic that removed the executive position from office. This was supported by the media and some within the population as one step closer to "true democracy" and removing the potential of any one man to secure power for himself.

The Taiidan republic remained this way for the next few decades- governed by an increasingly corrupt Senate and their puppets within the courts. While claiming to be a Republic, the government was actually a form of oligarchy of the members in the senate. Newly elected members to the senate were either subverted by the policies of the old guard or were quickly ousted from power when they resisted.

Funding remained badly misappropriated, with more spending going to domestic projects rather than foreign aid or modernizing the native Taiidan fleets. Even after the economic fall of Somtaaw ship designs, the Republic simply retained their obsolete craft while seeking licensee from the up-and-coming third generation of Hiigaran shipbuilding. When the Hiigarans began resisting Republican efforts to get the licensees, the Senate began creating evidence to show how under-defended the state was and how badly it was in need of foreign assistance. Their ploy failed however, and none in the galactic council (save the Hiigarans, out of ‘old friendship’) would support their policies in the galactic council at large. All the other nations could do was watch in pity at the shell the Republic had become.

All this changed when the Vaygr Armada under Makaan struck out from the eastern fringe. Makaan had in his possession the third farjumper, and decided to make it’s first use a demonstration to the core not only of his capabilities, but his intentions. He made Taiidan, the capital of the Taiidan republic, his first target with the far-jumping core. Makaan then leapt a third of his forces to Taiidan with the intention of burning the corrupt core nation from the inside out.

Taiidan fell in a matter of hours, and rather than rally to fight, the Republican forces routed almost immediately and fled to Hiigaran space. Most of the senate managed to escape the capital during the bombardment, as they had heeded the warning given to them mere days before and fled with all of their possessions. The Republic at large fell within days, becoming one of the first empires to be victim to the Vaygr onslaught.

The Republican government went to Hiigara and petitioned for asylum- which the Hiigarans granted as a show of sympathy to a democratic-elected nation. The Hiigarans would shelter and supply the Republican forces during the second Homeworld war, where the Republican forces served as auxiliaries or home-guard forces due to the age and wear of the ships under their control. For the most part, the Republic was a nonentity during the second Homeworld war, with most of the fighting being done by the Hiigarans and Galactic council nations in the south.

After the conclusion of the second homeworld war, the Republican forces decided to put pressure on the Imperial fragment, which had consolidated at the edge of the galaxy. Believing they could topple the government there and reinstate the Republican government, they launched an assault on the Imperial fragment 9630 GSY. The Republican forces instigated the conflict commonly referred to as the Taiidan Civil War (the first Taiidan civil war, during the Exiles’ return, is commonly referenced as just part of the First Homeworld War).

It was widely suspected (and eventually proven) that the Republican forces had Hiigaran backing during the civil war, and in the latter days the Traditionalist faction of the civil war proclaimed the Republic to be puppets of the Hiigarans- destroying their credibility in the eyes of the Taiidani civilian population. After this decree the Republic began loosing popular support and were forced to withdraw from the Imperial Fragment, defeated.

Though the Taiidan Republic’s senate continues to exist, the Senate itself has no authority or power to lead anything other than what few Republican military elements that haven’t been disbanded, or were absorbed or defected into other nation’s units. The senate itself was dissolved out of spite when the Second Taiidan Empire specifically stated the government in its declaration of war against the Hiigaran empire.

I wrote an article like this the other night with my writing group, and I was struck by inspiration to write it out and post it to the Relic boards. Since some homeworld fans come here rather than there, I'm reposting it for your enjoyment.

It is, in my take on things, the history of the Taiidan Republic- from it's inception just after the Homeworld war to the reason why it fell and wasn't present in Homeworld 2.

Homeworld = Relic Entertainment
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9thLegion Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008
Interesting stuff. Very indepth look at the Taiidani Republic, have only skimmed as it's very late but will look at in more detail tomorrow. If you're a HW fan, you may find my mini-novella Homeworld of interest. It's fan fic but hopefully not the bad kind.
skywalkerpl Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008
Nice work here :D Long story... similar idea to what Ishaar Niirfa made in Encyclopedia Hiigara fan fiction long time ago on Relic Forums :)

I need to find some time to read through that all... heh, lots of text. But meanwhile new render will be up I'll try to read this.

BTW: I always wonder why Republican logo isn't similar to Empire one even in smallest element... I don't know if it's in story, but if not - you could add it, could be interesting :)
Norsehound Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
The Republic doesn't have any official logo that I'm aware of... I just made one up and it seemed to make sense.

The only thinking I remember about the logos I had was that it had to be different from the Imperial logo in such a way as to not be offensive to the rest of the galaxy. While it is a round circle, it has solid bars instead of the stylized one, which was from the "obviously evil" empire.

Speaking of which, someone wondered why I seemed to resent the Taiidan Republic so much. Maybe it was because the way they treated the Taiidan in cataclysm :\
skywalkerpl Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
yea, I know that they have no official logo :) while being sysop of homeworld wiki it's my duty to know this ;) But it would be very nice to have that described in-article. As logo is emblem, banner under which people die, thing by which other nations identify Republicans... you know - quite important. ;)
Scha11enkrieger Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
woah, i think you are relics biggest fan, and no one can say something different. O.O this is more than great...
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