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September 26, 2009
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The Angel Moon Logo by Norsehound The Angel Moon Logo by Norsehound
As I continue the onward march to Hiigara (Homeworld's 10 year anniversary is on the 28th), I decided to put this up.

After noticing the logo on the splash page of the Homeworld 1 install was different from the one I used on the older versions of the Homeworld map, I decided to archive all the versions of the angel moon logo I could find. Homeworld 1 uses no less than four versions of the angel moon logo.

From top to bottom, left to right;

The first is on the pedestal that held the guidestone, found in the ruins of the Khar-Toba. We can guess this was also the sigil of the ancient Hiigaran empire. I tried my best to trace it in Illustrator, but this is the hardest of the angel moons to logo (Every other logo after it was vector-based).

The second one is the graphic used on the install, for the GOTY CD cover, for the startup icon, and the logo for Fleet Intelligence in the game. Basically, this is HW1's logo.

The third logo is actually in a minor location; on the main menu for Homeworld 1 in the lower-right corner. It was so different in the dimensions of the wings that I decided to document it as a variant.

The Forth logo I didn't know where it came from, until I opened the Homeworld 1 manual and found it. This is the 'modern' HW1 logo, and is used mostly whenever anyone references HW1. The change between this and the "First" HW1 logo are principally in merging the spheres with the wings.

The Fifth logo was on the splash page for a countdown to information on Homeworld 2. The date came and went with no information, but the logo remained. Apparently this logo was the alpha version of the game before HW2 was scrapped and re-designed from the ground up.

The sixth logo is the one that made it into the final retail version of the game. Used for the badges, any official Hiigaran logo, etx. Wider than the HW1 versions, with the feathers of the guidestone pedestal and HW2 alpha.

The Seventh Logo here is present on the interceptor drawn by Dave Cheong, on behalf of Relic to thank the fans for a decade of dedication for Homeworld. The Interceptor is new, so is the logo, and this is my attempt to replicate it. Since it IS from Relic, and IS an Angel-Moon derivative, it MUST be included here and before RedPanther's HW:E logo.

The Eighth Logo is actually unofficial; it was made by OneRedPanther when rumors were abound of a Homeworld Massive Multiplayer Online game. While I oppose MMORPGs and don't want Homeworld anywhere near them (noting what happened to the Warcraft universe when WoW happened), I nevertheless thought the logo was interesting enough to include as a mutation of the Angel Moon.

Onward we march to Hiigara: Our Home.
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Sympli-Me Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
any shot at getting these uploaded as PS shapes?
Old-Android-Online Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
I'd just like to add that *I* made that spiral arm galaxy logo. I don't remember my Relicnews alias (this *was* back in 2002 or so) but it may have been "Android"? I'd 3D-modelled one of the ships in the HW1 cutscenes with this logo part of the texture and put images of it on the forums. OneRedPanther asked for a copy of the logo and I sent him one. No big deal, but that's what happened.

Andreas K
Blue-Jedi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
I wonder if there will be another HW game.
zloypolzun Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Great work)
hammer326 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student General Artist
outstanding job Norsehound, always a great pleasure to see your work. If I may, do you think we'll ever get an HW3? I replayed HW2 recently and therefore spent a lot more time on sites involving HW stuff, and im not one who would know it's status before, but it seems the franchise's following is...expanding?
Norsehound Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
I think we won't see a Homeworld 3.

In spite of all the fan-cheering and mass-hoping, the trend for Relic is to continue to develop Warhammer 40K titles. Since 2004, only three of their games have been exceptions to the Warhammer title (all of them being from World War 2).

This tells me Relic has turned into nothing more than a video game-producing arm for Games Workshop. Any originality that made the Homeworld series is long gone from Relic, and as they hold the license to the Homeworld universe, it's not likely another Homeworld game as we know it will be made.

Bad enough that Relic is no longer being original for themselves, but worse that Games Workshop is effectively responsible for eating that great universe. One of the major reasons (the other being price gouging) I hate GW.
hammer326 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Student General Artist
ya never know man, no one wants to admit it but DOW's getting old as shit, and space marine was cool but they still say theyre makin RTS's, the next of which will be announced soon supposedly. people say COH revive but can hope.
Norsehound Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
It will be Dawn of War 3, which was announced last month apparently. I just don't think Modern Relic has it in themselves to be creative that way. The magic that made Homeworld is long gone, and if they did force a Homeworld sequel it would be as bad to the spirit of the game as Cataclysm was. It wouldn't feel the same.

I have more faith in the design studio where all the brains that made Homeworld are staying: Blackbird Interactive.

But if Relic were to come together and make an original title -any original title- then I'd have some hope for the company's prospects. I just can't have faith in them when they're under Games Workshop control.
hammer326 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Student General Artist
I never knew about blackbird- thanks for sharing man! I read that they hired 4 artists, all havin a part in Homeworld so this I'll have to stay tuned a "set as temporary new home page" sort of way :P
Norsehound Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011
There's nothing on the BBI site as far as I knew, just their logo.

There is also a US Blackbird interactive unrelated to the Homeworld team one.

More info here: [link]
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