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October 29, 2010
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The Chapter by Norsehound The Chapter by Norsehound
November's just around the corner.

OUS-10 Krigga armed with a missile saddle.

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irmax-comix Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
again excellent!
VaelDragon Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work :3
ThirtyOn3 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Done well!
btw. It reminds me "Hunter" from Half-Life.
kennturner Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Awesome work!
Eterno-Huevon Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
That gives a whole new meaning to "Blazing Saddles"
tekanako-the-first Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Student General Artist
Nice work, good to see the moon bunny again, I shouldn't show my NF cat this, it would make him reminisce about his bunny hunting days.

Ahh, an idea for you, look up 'terraformed moon' on Wikipedia and it should give lots of good ideas for the Lunar faction. Also have a look at this deviation and it should spark your imagination: [link]
Norsehound Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
The moon will never be terraformed in this setting.
Chizek Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
The moon, terraformed? Heresy ]=<

The moon does not have the magnetic field to be able to protect enough atmosphere from being "swept" away by solar radiation.

That is why Mars is dried up, its molten core began to cool off and it lost strength in its magnetic field, solar rays took more gas and water from the planet that it did before.

Its good that your sticking to your guns, I still want to know how the lunar citizens live, what do their "cities" look like inside and how is life without a sky or high gravity?
Norsehound Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
I'm stuck on the gravity problem, resorting to handwaving until I can find a suitable answer. I've looked a few times for resources on living in microgravity... and apart from one source (a sort of 'hidden' article on Atomic Rocket talking about sex in space) there isn't a lot of documentation on living in a /reduced/-gravity environment. Plenty on weightlessness though, but the setting isn't in pure space and it doesn't help define the lunar city situation.

As for a life indoors? Not sure about that one either, especially in the psychological study of if you spent your entire life indoors with no concept of a wide open sky. It's shaping up so that future Lunar Citizens may never be biologically equipped to live on Earth (microgravity, open skies are alien to them), but in some strange way I find that fitting for the situation that's shaping up (ie the Earth wanting to conquer the moon anyway despite, essentially, the evolution of a sub-species of humans on the moon. UEPC would probably call them subhuman troglodytes anyway and now have biological justification :\

The moon bases are largely subterranean. Perhaps someday I'll describe the particulars (or during the context of NaNo). The image in my mind now is similar along the lines of Clavius Base from 2001 and Moonbase alpha from Space: 1999... at least in the case of the above-ground parts.
GhostBirdofPrey Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
I've actually seen in a few science fiction pieces where native Lunarians were taller than native Terrans. With the lower gravity the body would need to spend less resources for each centimeter of growth. As an unfortunate side effect though, a life spent growing in that reduced gravity would make a trip to earth very difficult if not impossible.

As for the wide open sky, I don't see how that's necessarily a problem. Surely Lunarians would go above ground occasionally, so they WOULD have a concept of a sky; that's not saying they would feel comfortable in open spaces.
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